Employee Benefits


Staff benefits in the extreeme

Businesses are going to great lengths to attract and retain staff in today’s competitive jobs market. Traditional staff benefits such as flexible working, healthcare and pensions are seen as an essential element. Glassdoor, the online recruitment company, has published a list of what they believe are the UK’s 10 most extreme employee perks. But is this actually just a tailoring of benefits to match what their employees want?
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Interview with Aetna International’s Caroline Pain: DNA & your health

We take a look at the now and the future of DNA testing with Aetna International’s Caroline Pain.

Aetna is the first insurer to provide genetics and a link to personal health for their members. advo’s Colin Boxall talks to Aetna International about their launch of DNA testing for their European members, how they benefit, and how the insurer sees the future.
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