POSTED: October 30 2023
An Eldercare Solution
For your employees

Partnering with ‘Lottie’; Business Eldercare Solution

advo are pleased to announce a new partnership with Seniorcare by Lottie, the UK’s leading Eldercare employee wellbeing solution.

Seniorcare by Lottie helps UK organisations support their employees to understand, find and fund care for their elderly loved ones.

Sounds interesting, how does it work?
Seniorcare by Lottie is an employer paid benefit, providing a bespoke digital portal to all of their partners. They offer the full suite of eldercare support services via an industry-leading team of in-house Care Experts, striking the perfect balance between technology and human-oriented support to ensure thousands of employees across the UK no longer have to juggle care and work alone.

Lottie’s Seniorcare has built the largest network of vetted care providers across the UK, supporting thousands of families with care homes, homecare, planning ahead services, care funding support, family liaison and retirement living.

The platform includes management training, access to their Care Community and anonymous employee wellbeing data providing meaningful insights around those who are juggling care and work.

How will this benefit your business?
According to the ONS, more employees in the UK will have an elderly person dependent on them than a child by 2024. The introduction of the Carers Leave Act as the latest employment law in April 2024 emphasises the mandatory requirement for all UK business to support those employees juggling care and work.

Seniorcare aims to help businesses tackle the following four major issues linked to eldercare in the workplace, as the proportion of the population facing this problem continues to grow exponentially.

Absenteeism – 33% of informal caregivers miss at least 6 working days per year. (source:

Care Costs – in the UK, people spend £23 billion on care services per year with the average care home fees costing families £50K (source: LangBuisson)

Diversity & Inclusion – Women are 400% more likely to give up work due to carer responsibilities. Lower socio-economic workers and those from ethnic minorities suffer the worst. (source: Carers UK)

Mental Health – 70% of employees with Eldercare responsibilities admitted it affecting their emotional wellbeing. (source: Lottie survey in partnership with Pockla).

advo’s Head of Employee Benefits, Lucy Irvine said of the new partnership “When Seniorcare by Lottie explained their proposition to us, it made complete sense to work together. advo’s own mission is to support our clients from ‘hire to retire’: Recruitment, onboarding and pay, adding value through health, risk and wellbeing benefits and HR support throughout the lifecycle of an employee. Our Employee Benefits team have been implementing healthcare solutions for several years and it’s great to now see Eldercare recognised in this space, able to support our clients further catering for the whole demographic.”

If you would like to find out more about Seniorcare by Lottie and how this might work for your business, please get in touch and our team of advisers can provide more detail.