Employee Benefits



Employee Assistance Programmes: Do You Know Their Worth?

advo recently covered an article on the lack of communication about staff benefits. The article explains that a recent survey revealed that only 57% of employers believe their workforce is aware of all their benefits and understands them. An incredible 35% of employees say their company doesn’t communicate benefits or they don’t remember if they do.
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Mental health support from employers is the employee priority

Out of the four key pillars of wellbeing (mental, financial, physical and social), mental wellbeing is the number one priority that employees believe their employer should be responsible for supporting, with half (49%) of employees choosing this over the other areas of wellbeing, shows research* from GRiD, the group risk industry body.
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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Simon Miller, Senior Director of Proposition, Aetna International

advo’s Advocate magazine caught up with Simon Miller, Senior Director of Proposition at Aetna International, to talk about the mental health challenges faced in the wake of COVID-19, what employers can do, and how the latest apps can help build resilience and positive coping mechanisms.
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