POSTED: September 20 2022
What are HR Consultants and what do HR Consultants do?

What are HR Consultants and what do HR Consultants do?

What’s a HR Consultant? 

HR consultants are essentially HR professionals who businesses choose to outsource their HR tasks and projects to. Most HR consultants have a range of experience working as both internal HR support as well as outsourced HR support. Simply put, they fulfil an advisory role,  providing effective solutions that ensure organisational productivity and efficiency.

What qualifications should a HR Consultant have? 

One important qualification most HR consultants need to possess is a CIPD accreditation. CIPD stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, an association for human resource management professionals.

According to the CIPD, their membership is internationally recognised in the people profession. It showcases members’ “knowledge, behaviours and impact in today’s workplace, and demonstrates your commitment to the highest professional standards”. It is therefore a key accreditation for all HR consultants.

Why is it important to have a HR Consultant? 

Now more than ever we live in a world where, appropriately, people are more aware of prejudice and their rights as an employee. It is also now very easy for employees to make an employment tribunal claim via the government website. Consequently, it is no surprise that there has been a marked increase in employment tribunal claims. One area which has seen a significant increase in these is that of flexible working. According to HR Magazine, the number of employment tribunal decisions relating to flexible working increased by 52% in the 2020-2021 period. Some of this can be put down to the changing landscape of work pre-covid, however, notable increases have also been seen across various topics including menopause and gender identity.

With this in mind, it’s imperative for businesses to ensure that they are proactive in implementing HR policies to protect both them and their employees. Due to their knowledge and qualifications, HR consultants can guarantee companies are implementing compliant policies and following best practices when dealing with employee issues. This combination will minimise the risk of employee tribunals whilst also allowing for a more satisfied workforce. However, not every situation is avoidable, this is why having a HR consultant at hand to guide you through any potential issues is an invaluable asset.

What can HR Consultants help with? 

There are a range of tasks and HR projects that HR consultants can help with. Key areas include:

  • Reviewing or implementing terms and conditions, policies, employee handbooks, and procedures to identify any potential gaps or risks to the business. A HR consultant can make sure that all of these areas are compliant while also considering how these will work commercially for the business.
  • Day to day support and advice. Being compliant and following best practices is always the best place to start. However, issues will and do arise, so it’s important to have a HR consultant at the end of the phone to guide you through the best next steps and how to handle different situations. Experienced HR consultants will be used to dealing with a vast range of scenarios, therefore, having their guidance provides extra reassurance and protection for both you and your employees.
  • Bespoke letters, including employee contracts: once something is in writing, it’s very hard to go back on what’s been promised or agreed.  Having a HR consultant means you can rest assured any letters or communications are compliant and inline with your business policies and practices.
  • Salary and benefits advice. HR consultants are exposed to a wide range of businesses and industries. They are, therefore, very well informed to provide direction relating to your employee rewards for both salary and benefits.


In a nutshell, it’s safe to say that having a HR consultant on your side is vital if your business is to run in the most professional manner possible. And likewise, that your assets are being used in such a way as to serve the best interests of the organisation.

We sincerely hope that this article has addressed any questions concerning the role of HR consultants. For further reading, feel free to take a look at our news page. If you wish to reap the benefits that come with outsourcing a HR consultant then don’t hesitate to get a quote from us or get in touch today!