POSTED: February 14 2022
COVID-19 and relationships in the workplace

COVID-19 and relationships in the workplace

The surge in remote working has had a direct impact on workplace romances, which have been on the decline. Previously, up to 53% of Brits have found love or had a flirtation at work, but according to a new study, less than 3% engaged in any type of office romance in 2021.

Online printing company instantprint surveyed 2,000 adults to learn how people would approach workplace relationships in 2022.

Despite so few workers finding love ‘in the office’ over the past year, 19% believe it is the best place to meet a significant other – and is as effective as being introduced to someone via a friend. Other popular methods of meeting a partner included in a bar or club (15%), through a family member (8%) or via a dating website (8%).

Age appears to be a key factor when it comes to our hunt for love.

Over a quarter (26%), of 18 – 24-year-olds admitting they don’t ever believe an office romance to be appropriate. Just 16% of those aged 25 – 34 agreed with this statement. Similarly, 18 – 24 year olds were least likely to be motivated to head back to their workplace to see an office crush (10%). 55-64 year olds were found to be the most likely to do so (20%).

If your business is growing, chances are so is your team. The more people you have on board, the more likely the chance of workplace romances (not to mention drama!). It’s important that as an employer, you create a unified stance on the matter. Many companies not only frown-upon, but prohibit employees from dating colleagues or customers. Some require disclosure, and some turn a blind eye to the whole thing. Once you’re sure on your stance, compile your official company policy, and make sure every employee is aware of it. Create an open communication channel, so if employees have already violated a policy, they feel comfortable confessing and moving on.

It’s worth noting that employers are obliged to treat employees fairly, which means not discriminating against employees involved in workplace romances on the basis of protected characteristics such as gender or sexual orientation. advo are able to help with creating and updating company policies, covering all aspects in the workplace, including relationships in the workplace. Talk to us today!

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