POSTED: February 11 2022
40% of staff do not understand employee benefits

40% of staff do not understand employee benefits

More than four in 10 employers admit their teams are unaware, or do not understand, the employee benefits they offer.

Industry body Group Risk Development (GRiD) spoke to 505 HR decision makers. The research found 31% believe their staff did not understand the range of employee benefits available to them. 10% said employees were only aware of some benefits, and 3% stated their workers were not aware of any.

GRiD also surveyed 1,216 members of staff at UK businesses about employee benefits. Just 40% of those surveyed think their employer is effective in communicating what’s on offer. Over a quarter (26%) said their employer is ineffective at communicating employee benefits. Popular methods of communicating employee benefits included emails, welcome packs, noticeboards and handbooks.

Time, resources and financial investment are spent in getting the right employee benefits for staff in place. It’s clear communication appears to be a widespread problem; therefore the full value of the employee benefits in place is not being realised.

Physical noticeboards and handbooks will likely become less and less useful as remote working becomes more widespread. As such, platforms like advo-one are essential in helping staff to understand their employee benefits. On the portal, employee benefits documents can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere.This accessibility will become ever more important as many employers adopt a hybrid approach to work. advo-one not only stores employee benefit data, but payslip data too, as well as HR functions geared for small business. Talk to us today about employee benefits or advo-one.