POSTED: November 28 2019
advo partners with homeless charity Porchlight

advo partners with homeless charity Porchlight

advo has partnered with Porchlight, the Kent based charity, which supports homeless and vulnerable people helping them to make a fresh start in life. advo will be running a series of events throughout the year to raise cash while staff plan to volunteer their time giving practical support.

Launched in 1974, Porchlight was then was a single homeless hostel. Now they are a lifeline for thousands of homeless and vulnerable people across Kent and the South East. Last year their Helpline received nearly 27,500 calls and they helped over 700 people into safe accommodation, overall supporting over 7000 individuals and families.

In addition to focussing on the Homeless they try to stop this happening through their Homeless Prevention Service which has great success with 98% of the people they helped keeping their home and so stopping them becoming another homeless statistic.

Anna, a Porchlight employment adviser outlines how public attitudes need to change. “There is a myth that if you have been homeless, you’re probably low skilled, but that’s not true. Bankers, lecturers and film industry professionals are just some of the people we’ve supported. There’s such a wide range of expertise.”

Lucy Irvine, advo’s Operations manager summed up the reasons why they were chosen as the group’s main charity partner

“advo are thrilled to have partnered with Porchlight. It’s so important for us to support a charity where we feel we are really making a difference. With Homelessness at an all-time high, we hope our fundraising efforts will have an immediate impact on the local community.”

“advo chose Porchlight largely due to their unconditional approach to long-term support and care, namely their Housing First scheme. Staff at advo can’t wait to get involved, starting with our December advent challenge – collecting warm clothing and supplies for those on the streets and in Hostels.”

Jo Skelton, Corporate Fundraiser for Porchlight and advo’s charity partner contact expressed her thanks for the partnership commenting “We’re really grateful to advo for joining us in the fight against homelessness. Their support will help keep our team on the streets helping those who need it most, and ensure our helpline continues to be there for people with nowhere else to turn. When it comes to tackling homelessness, we’re all in it together and the support of businesses like advo is so important to doing this.”

Colin Boxall advo’s Commercial Director added “this is a charity that does a brilliant job in supporting those in desperate need. Our staff have in the past risen to the challenge and got involved in not only raising large amounts of money but also donating their own time in volunteering. We are keen to get started and give our support.”

advo will be organising a series of events throughout the year with the aim of raising at least £5,000 in 2020. More details on this soon.

If you would like to know more about the great work Porchlight undertakes then visit