POSTED: February 01 2022
UK companies join four day working week trial

UK companies join four day working week trial

As scrutiny of the work/life balance in the UK increases, a telecoms firm, a video games developer and a training company are the latest organisations to join a four-day working week trial.

Yo Telecom’s 90 employees will move from a 40-hour working week to a 32-hour working week, spread over four days from June, with no reduction in pay. They will be accompanied by game developer Hutch (120 employees) and MBL Seminars (70 employees). The trial will last six months, and is overseen by 4 Day Week Global, a campaign group.

Hundreds more businesses have signed up to information sessions – which would suggest the move is seriously being considered in a range of industries. In light of the strong response to the launch of the pilot, the director of the 4 Day Week UK campaign said organisers are considering increasing participants from 30 to 50.

In the wake of the Great Resignation, the four-day working week could be utilised to attract and retain talent. Nathan Hanslip, Chief Executive of Yo Telecom said he hoped the extra day off would result in healthier staff and better customer service. “I feel the additional day’s rest our team will benefit from will push productivity, increase work satisfaction and improve general wellbeing, above and beyond anything we have implemented in the past.” Others taking part in the trial are hoping for improvements in productivity and worker health.

The four-day working week is set to generate more publicity over the coming months, and the results towards the end of this year will certainly be interesting!

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