POSTED: January 21 2022
Banishing workplace January Blues

Banishing the January Blues

A combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of credit card bills sum up the ‘January Blues’. With the start of the new year, some employees may be considering their future – perhaps searching for a pay increase.

All of these factors contribute to the ‘recruitment rush’ we see in January, and The Great Resignation is far from over. We’d encourage all employers to take pro-active, pre-emptive action to help retain your team, banish the January Blues and restore some workplace va va voom!

If a key employee has left your business, you may be looking to the current workplace. We would always recommend succession planning; filling vacancies with employees who know the business, are loyal, committed and do a great job. This may seem like a ‘no brainer’, even the best existing employees can cause problems if they are not ready. Training before or as a pre-requisite to promotion can be key in smoothing the transition.

The employee may be delighted at the prospect of promotion and any associated pay increase, but are they prepared? There may be very different demands. This is often the case, especially if the promotion is a step up to management. They may have to prioritise their work differently, write and deliver presentations, or give constructive feedback. They may even have to discipline a team member who only recently was a colleague and perhaps a friend!

So, how can advo help?

The advo Academy Programme is an ILM accredited training programme for middle and senior managers with direct reports. We’ve also found it to be very helpful for aspiring managers with potential. The advo Academy Programme helps existing and potential managers with skills development, ensuring they reach their full management potential. The programme consists of ten modules; at the end of each module delegates will be given practical work-based tasks to deliver and learn from. We can tailor the programme to align it with business objectives, and we can deliver the training to your team remotely or in-house. The advo Academy Programme is an extremely competitive price.

Upon successful completion of the course delegates receive a professional qualification, equivalent to ILM Associate level. This formal accreditation recognises professional learning and an ongoing commitment to continue to develop as effective leaders, and to inspire others to achieve excellence.

We believe learning and development is key to retention and driving your business forward. Employees will truly value the investment, not just in terms of money, but the time and interest you take in them and their future careers in your company. Talk to us today about the advo Academy Programme!