POSTED: March 05 2024
Your Staff Benefits: Reward, Support & Recognise

Your Staff Benefits: Reward, Support & Recognise

Employee Appreciation Day at the beginning of this month was a great time to recognise the hard work and dedication of employees behind the success of our businesses. But don’t forget it should last all year, every year, not just one day!

At advo, we understand the importance of valuing our employees everyday and aim to allow our clients to do the same too. We this by providing advice and ongoing guidance to build and manage comprehensive benefits packages for employees and assist with supporting the promotion and engagement to ensure your employees understand and value the ‘benefit spend’ you make.

Our advisers are on hand to provide you with holistic advice on benefits including:

  • Healthcare – for instance Private Medical Insurance (PMI), Dental Insurance or perhaps the ever-popular cash plans, which are on hand to provide access to comprehensive coverage and benefits to employees to see them treated quickly meaning a speedy recovery for them, which in turn supports your business with healthier employees and reduced absenteeism;
  • Financial – including benefits such as Income Protection and Critical Illness which hugely important to provide employees with financial support in the event they are unable to work due to illness or injury;
  • Wellness – for areas including Women’s and Men’s health which can impact a person’s ability to fulfil their job roles to their best if the correct support and guidance is not accessible.

As well as supporting with the creation and ongoing management of benefits packages, we understand it’s no longer enough to simply offer benefits but vital employees know how to access these and really understand the value and investment you make as a business in them.

Total Reward Statements provide a comprehensive overview of the tangible and intangible benefits employees receive through their employment with your business. From salary and bonuses to healthcare benefits to professional development expenses, birthday days off and much more, Total Reward Statements highlight the full and true value of an employee’s compensation package.

These statements can really help employees understand the true value of their ‘package’, which supports you with employee retention and also attraction of new employees. Through advo-one, our unique online platform, we can facilitate Total Reward Statements for employees to access at any time and reduces any administration burden from you! The link here will give you a quick overview of how this could work for your organisation.

advo don’t just design the staff benefit package that is best for your organisation, we can create bespoke literature, including benefit booklets and run benefit fairs and wellness days to help your people better understand, engage and so get the most from their benefits.

If you’re interested to understand more on the above, please let us know and we can schedule a demonstration of advo-one and no obligation consultation on your benefits in place with one of our Advisers