POSTED: April 20 2017
Working with Government to extend the reach of Income Protection

Working with Government to extend the reach of Income Protection

GRiD (Group Risk Development), the organisation whose aim is to promote and enhance the status and uptake of corporate group protection benefits has offered to work with the Government to extend reach of Group Income Protection.

Commenting on the Parliament debate held yesterday (18 April 2017) on the role of Group Income Protection (GIP) to improve lives, Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD said:

‘We are very pleased that Group Income Protection has been identified by Government as having a greater role to play in the delivery of the goals outlined in the Work, Health and Disability: Improving Lives green paper, and has been so positively debated in Parliament. We are keen to work closely with Government on extending the reach of Group Income Protection so that more people have access to this valuable benefit through their workplace. Representing the group risk industry, we are perfectly positioned to provide technical input, develop material and provide clarity on how best to encourage employers to offer income protection to their staff.

‘There is a wealth of support that can be made available through Group Income Protection to give people with long-term health conditions and disabilities the opportunity to work and to stay in work. This support also helps to get people back to work after a period of sickness absence, and reduces the cost for employers of long-term sickness absence. Not only that, but support is also available to help with preventing absence and encouraging better health behaviours. For the employee it can provide help with managing health conditions, and their families and dependants are better supported. Overall, of course, it also reduces the burden on the State.

‘Employers that already offer Group Income Protection will be aware of the multi-facetted nature of the support available alongside financial protection and we would very much welcome any Government-backed initiatives that extend its reach.’


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