Winter is the most stressful time of year according to a new survey from Friends Life


A study by Friends Life has found that winter to be the most stressful season of the year. Over 60% of people in the study chose it over the other seasons. Spring was found to be the least stressful season. Looking at the data when broken down by month, it was found that over a third of people (35%) rated January as the most stressful month. This was followed by December (20%), and then February (9%). September (1%) was reported as being the least stressful month.

Money was cited as being the most common cause of stress (36%). However, 18% of people in the study chose work as being the main cause of stress. The survey additionally asked what causes people the highest of level of stress in the work place. The most prevalent answer was people’s volume of work (21%). 1 in 10 said said working long hours (11%) was the main cause of stress at work.

David Williams, Director of Group Protection at Friends Life, comments:

“For many people, winter continues to be a season of not only short day light hours, but a time of stress. The workplace is still a key cause of stress and shows how important it is for businesses to be aware of the effects and to have systems in place to support staff wellbeing. Access to benefits such as an Employer and Employee Assistance Programme can give people help and advice when staff really need it and prevent the negative effects of long term absence.

“At the end of last year Friends Life carried out some other research and found that stress was costing employers £460m per day in wages3 because of staff taking time off work. That shows just how important it is for businesses to be aware of the effect stress can have on the workforce and why it’s important to have systems in place to support staff.”

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