POSTED: May 08 2017
Will telemedicine reduce absenteeism & presenteeism?

Will telemedicine reduce absenteeism & presenteeism?

With sick days costing the UK economy £100billion a year and the average waiting time to see a GP rising to two weeks, it’s no surprise that employee sickness has become a real issue for UK businesses.

Health is the greatest benefit a company can offer their employees and the introduction of an online GP service within the workplace could help to create a healthier and more productive workforce – and it may well reduce the cost of the nation’s employee sickness bill.

Mary O’Brien, CEO & Founder of VideoDoc, spoke about whether telemedicine could help to boost the health of Britain’s workforce.

“Technology has changed how we work and live. Now it’s changing how we manage our health at home and in the workplace. It will not only improve how we access information and monitor our health, but also how we interact with doctors.

“A recent study we conducted at VideoDoc showed that 52% of people had delayed seeking medical advice because they were worried about taking time off work, a statistic that rose to 70% amongst people working in London.

“Many of us are already regularly using technology to access healthcare. Telemedicine can be defined in a number of ways, for example, patients might say that if they make a phone call to the GP surgery and receive an instant ‘solution’ either over the phone or by sending an email.

“Companies are introducing wellness initiatives such as providing healthy food in the staff canteen, workplace gyms, encouraging staff to cycle to work and training managers to support their staff in times of stress.

“And, with health insurance being one the highest benefit costs for employers to deliver, many companies are seeing the attractions of offering site health MOTs, wearable devices so employees can track their fitness levels and telemedicine services as alternative and more cost-effective ways of investing in their workforce health and fitness. The growing reliance on technology will also be a key driver influencing the growth in telemedicine, with usage expected to be particularly amongst tech savvy younger employees.”

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