POSTED: April 28 2016
UK Office Worker Survey Results: Do you Like your Boss?

UK Office Worker Survey Results: Do you Like your Boss?

A recent survey conducted by FreeOfficeFinder has found that less than 40% of office workers in the UK actually like their direct superior. In total, the survey was taken by 1,052 office workers, including 612 males and 440 females. The ages of the participants ranged from 18-25 to 50+, however, only 6% of respondents were over 35.

When asked how much they like their boss, 23% responded with not at all and 29% answered not very much, meaning in total, over half of all office workers surveyed don’t like their boss. 26% of respondents like their boss a little bit and 13% like them a lot, with 9% being indifferent.

These results slightly differed according to what gender their boss was. 49% of female bosses had a positive rating by their employees (30% like a little bit and 19% like a lot), whereas only 39% of males had good feedback.

When it comes to feelings about a boss, communication seems to be the most important factor. 283 respondents claim to like their boss because they communicate well, while 256 don’t like the fact that their boss doesn’t communicate enough. Both these responses were the highest in their respective questions.

When asked if they ever dread going to work because of their boss, 60% of those surveyed claimed they do, with only 40% saying they don’t.

Out final question asked participants if they have ever quit a job because of their boss (during their entire career). 62% of all respondents said they have, and 38% claimed that they haven’t.

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