POSTED: June 28 2016
UK Job Hunters Admit to Hoarding Job Offers for Negotiation Leverage

UK Job Hunters Admit to Hoarding Job Offers for Negotiation Leverage

As today’s candidates continue to operate in a competitive market, almost half (49.8%) have admitted to accepting multiple job roles, and using them as a platform for negotiation with potential employers, in an attempt to secure the best job offer and salary. Dubbed as ‘Job Hoarding’, this latest trend puts both recruiters and businesses in a difficult position.

The news comes from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site, as it surveyed over 3,000 of its candidates to uncover the latest trends sweeping the country’s labour market. And in addition to 49.8% of job hunters confessing to ‘job hoarding’, 64% of the UK’s professionals stated that they would accept a job role that they were unsure of whilst continuing their job search, leaving businesses in an unstable situation. The research also revealed:

• 80.8% of job hunters would accept more than one job offer for up to two weeks
• 77.2% of UK professionals believe it’s reasonable to accept more than one job offer at a time, in order to negotiate a better package
• 54.8% would reveal what another company was offering when negotiating a job offer

As the market becomes increasingly competitive and this behaviour amplifies, businesses will find themselves having to compete even harder for the best talent

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments “While it’s understandable that job hunters in today’s economic climate are keeping their options open and applying to multiple roles and companies, accepting more than one job offer puts businesses in a very difficult position.”

Biggins concludes: “Organisations must be prepared for this behaviour, and ready to highlight broader job benefits, such as flexible hours, staff bonuses and other workplace perks. We know that salaries are important, but we also know from previous research that candidates value company culture and job satisfaction, meaning companies should be ready to promote the wider holistic package in order to steer any counter offers and secure the best talent. By doing this, businesses can be armed and ready to win the talent war, without having enter into salary battles.”

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