POSTED: October 14 2020
Spotlight on Mental Health

Spotlight on Mental Health

Mental health is rising up the agenda of UK businesses. Canada Life has created a new report that outlines the whole subject of mental wellbeing and how it effects the workplace.

This report focuses on anxiety and depression and look at stress, a common symptom and cause of both.

You can download a copy of the report here.


Tim Stoves, Managing Director, Protection, Canada Life outlines the reasons of publishing the report, “We all recognise and acknowledge our physical health. While we all have mental health as well it is in many cases still a taboo subject despite the fact our minds can become overwhelmed just as easily as our bodies, if not more so. There is a long way to go, in terms of understanding the causes of mental ill health, determining the most effective ways of dealing with it when it manifests and managing it from an organisational perspective. The important thing is that the issue has been widely recognised and we are now, as a society and as employers, researching it in earnest.

We have invested considerably in understanding mental health in the workplace for over a decade and continue to do so. Sharing our experience and expertise with the companies who have put their trust and their money in a Canada Life policy is one of our top priorities. This report is part of that work”

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The report can be downloaded here.