POSTED: December 28 2018
Shocking statistic from 2018

Shocking statistic from 2018

The Royal Statistical Society has released their ‘Statistics of the Year’ which includes the shocking figure that only 6.4% of women are on the board of FTSE 250 companies.

Following the release of the RSS ‘Statistics of the Year’, Ann Francke, CEO of Chartered Management Institute commented. “This is a truly shocking statistic and I applaud the RSS for highlighting the scale of the challenge we still face in achieving gender balance in the top teams that run British companies.

The fact that progress has stalled – at a time when the British economy needs all the help it can get- is a matter of very real concern. If businesses can not accelerate change over the next couple of years then more radical action will be needed to ensure that the UK benefits from the business boost gender diversity brings.”

The CMI offers various resources for organisations, including Blueprint for Balance and CMI Women, to help businesses to boost equality and support the rise of female leaders. The powerful CMI Women network of male and female managers commissions research and lobbies employers and government to meet gender diversity targets. The Blueprint for Balance platform also gives tips on how to close the gender pay gap at their workplace by fixing the ‘broken windows’.


You can view the RSS ‘Statistics of the Year’ here.

You can see the CMI press release here.