POSTED: June 19 2017
Rejected via text message and laughing emoji

Rejected via text message and laughing emoji

An employee has ended up in the national press after a manager rejected a job applicant via a text message that contained a “crying with laughter” emoji.  

Millar & Carter interviewed staff for a new restaurant.  After the interview, the Manager texted the applicant “It’s a no”.  After being asked for feedback, the Manager Ms Wesson responded “Just not engaging and the answers were like basic x” followed by an emoji icon which symbolises someone crying with laughter.  The job applicant, Ms Dixon, took a screenshot of the message and posted it to Twitter.  A national newspaper picked up the post and ran a story, much to Millar & Carter’s embarrassment. In their defence the company said that the messages had been intended for another manager, hence the “x”s in the messages.  However, they had already suffered reputational damage.
The lesson learnt here is to ask your managers never to communicate with applicants via text message which can easily be sent to the wrong recipient, and which do not provide an easily accessible audit trail.

If you need any further clarification on this please contact advo hr at our Maidstone head office.