POSTED: December 30 2019
Overseas employee risks in 2020

Overseas employee risks in 2020

Companies whose employees regularly travel overseas need to be aware of new security, medical and political risks in the year ahead, according to a new global report.

Healix International, the international travel and assistance provider, has identified the key risks employees face in its new Risk Oracle 2020 insight report, designed for HR, risk and security managers.

The report highlights eight risks to be aware of in the year ahead: these include political risks with the transnationalism of the far right, recession worries, the political fall-out for global ‘identify’ politics, supply shortages and health concerns with increased cases of both measles and dengue fever.

Healix International chief executive Mike Webb says: “2019 will be remembered as one of the most unpredictable from a political risk perspective. But despite this the fact of the matter is that business still needs to be done. Technological advances mean the world is a smaller place for corporations, with employees working in ever more far flung regions, as well as travelling further for face to face meetings.

“In this context, it is vital that employers have a full insight into the security and medical risks employees may face so that the right mitigation measures can be taken.”

You can read more about the Healix 2020 Top Risks report  here or download the full report here.



This news story is based on an article first published in Corporate Adviser magazine. You can read the original article here.