POSTED: August 13 2019
Outsource and create your own HR department

Outsource and create your own HR department

Increasingly SME firms are outsourcing essential elements of running their business such as paying their staff or keeping within the UK’s tight employee legalisation. There is a realisation that allowing strategic partners to work alongside allows businesses to not only focus on their core business more effectively, but save money.

With smaller firms, just like their PLC counterparts, there is a need to attract and retain good staff, this includes having a robust employee benefits package. It is obvious, but businesses must make sure employees are paid correctly and on time and to keep within the law and be able support staff when needed, but many small businesses struggle to do this when this is kept inhouse. Each of these are specialised areas that if not outsourced, would require additional and qualified staff. These employees in turn would need to be managed, requiring the business owner or senior management to have knowledge in these areas.

advo is unique in that it positions itself as an all-encompassing strategic partner for SMEs and smaller corporates. Recognising that payroll, HR and staff benefits are major headaches, advo has created linked online technologies, backed by expert people, who work closely with clients, giving bespoke support around these three essential areas.

Payroll outsourcing and employee benefit advice are firmly established with many firms, but less so in HR advice and support. This is an area where problems are frequently only identified after the event, leading to high business costs, often including legal fees, and staff disruption to put right.

“your complete hr department without the overheads of specialist salaries”

Carly Gregory, advo hr Business Partner

advo’s HR support service allows SMEs and smaller corporates to effectively have their own HR department, without the large overheads typically involved. Clients are kept up to date with ever-changing legalisation, employees have all the right documentation including staff handbooks and contracts of employment. In addition and importantly, management always have someone at the end of the phone to advise and support them through any staff issues.

The reasons why clients use advo hr are many but principally, apart from the considerable savings creating and running their own HR department, it’s for peace of mind. We act as a sounding board and guide businesses towards best practice, helping to make their staff more productive.

There is support to comply and keep up to date with employment/payroll legislation. As part of the service there is access to online technology with an interactive absence management platform available to all clients that includes staff portals, which can be extended to include employee benefits and payroll depending on the services provided.

advo hr advisors are proactive in approach and fully CIPD to a high level. Their role is to add value to any client relationship. Each client has a dedicated contact whose personable professional approach will support businesses and their employees through problem situations offering practical solutions.

As an organisation advo hr practice what we preach as we are one of the few Investors in People Gold accredited employers in our sector and have won many awards from our peers for the quality of advice and service we deliver as a group.

Carly Gregory from advo hr sums up the bespoke service commenting “We offer a complete HR department without the overheads of specialist salaries. We have a wide-range of qualifications and experience to add value and support your business. We are proactive, partnering with you to help meet your business objectives.”

If you would like to know how advo hr can support your business contact Carly Gregory on