POSTED: December 19 2016
One in ten Brits want to start their own business in 2017

One in ten Brits want to start their own business in 2017

Brits have revealed their 2017 workplace resolutions, with nearly one in ten (9%) keen to start their own business, according to a new poll by Notably, a third (32%) of workers will look for a completely different career and almost a quarter (23%) will aim to achieve a better work life balance in the New Year.

The top five workplace resolutions for UK employees include:

• Changing career completely (32%)
• Achieving a better work life balance (23%)
• Changing job in the same field (18%)
• Getting a promotion or pay rise (12%)
• Starting their own business (9%)

When asked to evaluate the last twelve months, Brits regretted not taking a regular lunch break (11%) over not asking for a pay rise (8%) or getting promoted (8%). Over a quarter (26%) of employees wished they’d moved jobs in 2016.

The top five things Brits regret not doing in the workplace this year include:

• Moving jobs (26%)
• Finding a better work life balance (23%)
• Taking a regular lunch break (11%)
• Asking for a pay rise (8%)
• Getting promoted (8%)

Andy Sumner, Managing Director for Monster UK & Ireland, commented; “Our recent World of Work research highlighted a clear restlessness amongst UK employees at the moment, with over a quarter of Millennials planning to leave their current role in the next six months. Therefore, it’s perhaps not surprising to see many people keen to change their job or career path next year.”

“I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that large numbers of workers are seeking a greater work life balance or looking to start their own business. Having your own business gives greater flexibility over working hours and autonomy to decide how to structure your work life balance”

“But above all, being happy in your job is most important. Spending so many hours every week doing something you don’t enjoy, or working in an environment that doesn’t suit you can really inhibit your career. The Christmas period is a great time to evaluate your situation and consider searching for better options more suited to what you’re looking for. The job market is on the rise, so there’s really no excuse to start 2017 on the front foot.”

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