POSTED: August 04 2021
New partnership announcement

New partnership announcement

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Furthr!
Furthr is an employee benefits provider that makes climate action easy, exciting and understandable. With the importance of ‘being green’ and employee awareness growing year on year, advo believes this partnership will be welcomed by employers.
It is not ‘new news’ that forests across the globe are disappearing at an alarming rate. Some statistics suggest the world loses an area of forest the size of the UK every year, with losses still on the rise. The partnership gives advo clients the opportunity to take real, tangible action against climate change and deforestation.

Furthr plant trees and sponsor certified renewable energy projects on behalf of subscribers. There are also monthly draws with sustainable goods and cash prizes to be won. These efforts combined can help employees in offsetting carbon emissions and helping them to become climate positive.

Henry Bishop, CEO & Co-founder at Furthr said of the partnership: “We’re absolutely over the moon to be working with such a forward-thinking platform. Our climate crisis is undoubtedly a complex challenge, but it creates the opportunity to bring people together and drive impactful solutions.

“With advo’s expansive and engaged employee base, we can’t wait to see the positive impact we deliver together: from driving funding into our global climate solutions, to inciting collective sustainable behaviour change.”

Lucy Pearce, Commercial Director at advo said of the partnership: “It is so exciting that we have been able to expand our product offering to include this unique and important employee benefit – which allows companies to simultaneously take care of employees and make a positive difference to the future of our planet.”

The Furthr benefit is available to all advo clients from today, please contact us for more information.