POSTED: April 18 2019
Nearly two thirds of employers don’t offer workplace perks

Nearly two thirds of employers don’t offer workplace perks

A new study reveals that nearly two thirds (65.6%) of employers don’t offer workplace perks and benefits to their staff. This is despite a staggering 84.9% of UK professionals believing that perks are important at work.

In a candidate-driven market, making your company appealing to prospective employees and retaining staff is essential. Whether this is through a modern and welcoming company culture or a decent pay package with suitable career progression opportunities, it can go a long way to boosting your hiring efforts.

But one other way of attracting candidates to your company is through offering workplace perks. Something as simple as a strong pension scheme or free food can help attract candidates to your company over your rivals. However, an alarming amount of UK employers don’t offer these perks.

The survey of 1,200 UK professionals, conducted by CV-Library, found that there were certain perks that workers are keen to receive, including 55.8% wanting flexible working. Despite this, only four in 10 (40%) employers offer this benefit to staff.

The perks your staff want

Despite only 34.4% of Brits receiving these benefits, there are some desirable perks that they would still want. The study found that the top workplace perks Brits are after are:

  1. Flexible working – 55.8%
  2. Staff discount – 38.7%
  3. Free food – 25%
  4. Birthdays off – 22%
  5. Unlimited holiday – 18.1%
  6. Company car – 16.3%
  7. Mental health days – 14.4%
  8. Social events – 13.3%
  9. Smartphones or tablets – 13%
  10. Free exercise classes 11.8%

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, commented on the findings: “It’s an alarming statistic to find that nearly two thirds of UK employers aren’t offering workplace perks to their employees. These benefits are excellent tools for rewarding, motivating and encouraging staff to reach their full potential and achieve positive results.”

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