POSTED: September 04 2023
National Payroll Week!

National Payroll Week!

It’s National Payroll Week! Aside from celebrating our fantastic team it’s also a great time to look at some interesting payroll facts!
Did you know the first employment law was introduced to the UK in 1833

  • The British Empire introduced this to abolish slavery as part of The Abolition of Slavery Act and Factory Act.

Did you know the National Minimum Wage Bill was introduced before Parliament on 26th November 1997. The legislation finally came into force on 1st April 1999 and the rates were:

  • £3.60 aged 22 and above
  • £3.00 workers 18-22.

Did you know it has been 53 years since the Equal Pay Act was introduced to the UK, although the Act didn’t come into force until 1975

  • In 1968 850 female workers at the Ford factory, Dagenham went on strike for equal pay. They were classed as unskilled workers despite doing the same work as their male colleagues who were paid 15% more.

Did you know in 1991 the Payslip Law was addressed in the Payment of Wages Act 1991.

  • This granted the right to ALL employees to receive a payslip. Basically all employees are entitled to a written statement of their wages detailing contractual pay and statutory payments and deduction.

The rules and regulations of payroll are constantly evolving and  employers must pay attention to ensure that they are fully compliant. Speak to us today to see how we can help!

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