POSTED: September 06 2018
More clarity on the Pensions Dashboard

More clarity on the Pensions Dashboard

In a statement the Government reaffirms its commitment to the development of the Pensions dashboard.

The statement from Guy Opperman, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Pensions & Financial Inclusion reaffirms the Government’s intention to continue to work with the financial service industry to create an ‘industry-led dashboard, facilitated by government’. The statement also warms that ‘we should not underestimate the complexity of the challenge’ but does confirm that there will shortly be a report published on the findings from the Feasibility Study.

Commenting on recent confirmation that the Government supports the pensions dashboard and commits to legislating where necessary, Director General of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), Huw Evans, said:

“The Government will help out millions of savers by keeping its promise to help deliver the pensions dashboard. This vital tool will allow everyone to find their pensions and see them together online, enabling people to keep track of their funds and work out if they are saving enough for retirement. The ABI, leading a cross-industry group of pension providers and schemes, has already delivered a great deal of the work needed to turn the dashboard into a reality, including a working prototype, and we look forward to continuing this collaboration.”


You can see the Government recent announcement on the Pensions Dashboard here.