Mental Health Week Diary


advo has outlined useful guides and downloads to help business find useful information on supporting the mental health of their staff. 


ONLINE RESOURCE: The Power of Kind Leadership (Bupa)   DOWNLOAD PDF

WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Kindness (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

VIDEO CONTENT: ‘In Your Corner’ You’re more likely to succeed in improving wellbeing with someone in your corner. (AXA-PPP) WATCH & DISCOVER


ONLINE RESOURCE: Working with Compassion (Samaritans) DOWNLOAD PDF via Samaritans website

 WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Confidence (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: bWell: Day-to-day wellbeing (for your employees) (Unum)  LISTEN HERE


WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Resilience (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: Interrupted with Simon Thomas ‘hope and inspiration in adversity’ LISTEN HERE

VIDEO CONTENT: Anxiety, Intrusive Thoughts, agoraphobia: I’ve turned my life around. (AXA-PPP) WATCH HERE­ Chrome


ONLINE RESOURCE: How to maintain good habits (Unum) FIND OUT MORE

WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Wisdom (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: bWell: Mental health & resilience (Unum) LISTEN HERE

INTERACTIVE CONTENT: Your Mind Plan Every Mind Matters Interactive Self Reflection GET INVOLVED HERE


ONLINE RESOURCE: 5 myths about Mindfulness (AXA-PPP) FIND OUT MORE

WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Happiness (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: bWell: Mindfulness (Unum) LISTEN HERE

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