POSTED: May 19 2020
Mental Health Week Diary

Mental Health Week Diary

advo has outlined useful guides and downloads to help business find useful information on supporting the mental health of their staff. 


ONLINE RESOURCE: The Power of Kind Leadership (Bupa)   DOWNLOAD PDF

WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Kindness (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

VIDEO CONTENT: ‘In Your Corner’ You’re more likely to succeed in improving wellbeing with someone in your corner. (AXA-PPP) WATCH & DISCOVER


ONLINE RESOURCE: Working with Compassion (Samaritans) DOWNLOAD PDF via Samaritans website

 WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Confidence (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: bWell: Day-to-day wellbeing (for your employees) (Unum)  LISTEN HERE


WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Resilience (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: Interrupted with Simon Thomas ‘hope and inspiration in adversity’ LISTEN HERE



ONLINE RESOURCE: How to maintain good habits (Unum) FIND OUT MORE

WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Wisdom (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: bWell: Mental health & resilience (Unum) LISTEN HERE

INTERACTIVE CONTENT: Your Mind Plan Every Mind Matters Interactive Self Reflection GET INVOLVED HERE


ONLINE RESOURCE: 5 myths about Mindfulness (AXA-PPP) FIND OUT MORE

WEBINAR: 12:00-12:30:  Happiness (VitalityHealth) JOIN SESSION via Microsoft Teams

POODCAST: bWell: Mindfulness (Unum) LISTEN HERE

If you would like the Mental Health Week calendar emailed to you then drop us an email on