POSTED: March 30 2016
Many measures needed to close gender pay gap

Many measures needed to close gender pay gap

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has welcomed new recommendations to tackle the gender pay gap announced 22 March by the House of Commons’ Women and Equalities Select Committee.

Commenting, Ann Francke, CMI’s Chief Executive, said:

“In closing the gender pay gap, there isn’t one thing we have to do; there are many. The select committee’s recommendations are part of the solution, as well as the Government’s measures requiring large employers to report on the gender pay gap. The Government should also take on board the committee’s proposals and require large employers to report on the number of women returning to work from maternity leave and the number of employees on flexible working contracts.

“Transparency is a proven effective way of achieving progress. Publishing, and then acting to close, the gender pay and pipeline gap brings real benefits for everyone in organisations – it boosts productivity and financial results, improves culture and helps employees to trust their employers.”

Ann Francke gave evidence to the House of Common’s Women and Equalities Select Committee in December 2015 as part of its inquiry. Francke said that the legislation should be welcomed by businesses to boost employee engagement and productivity.

CMI’s annual research with XpertHR reveals the pay gap is bigger for female managers over the age of 40. The pay gap among this group stands at 35%, more than 10% higher than the average. CMI has called for employers to tackle the inconsistencies in pay and progression and erode ingrained perceptions of gender which lead to unconscious discrimination.

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