POSTED: May 17 2019
Male calls to EAP about mental health increase 84%

Male calls to EAP about mental health increase 84%

Men account for 55% of all clients’ employee assistance counselling calls

Data from employee services provider Personal Group has revealed that the number of male employees seeking mental health support shot up 84% between May 2018 and April 2018, compared to a 6% increase in calls from females during this period.

The firm, which supplies an employee assistance programme (EAP) through its app Hapi and Health Assured, suggested that rather than a negative indicator of worsening mental health amongst male employees in the UK, it is likely to be a positive sign of men becoming more willing to confront and discuss their struggles with poor mental health.

Women are more typically likely to access support through an EAP – average female usage is 63% and male usage is 37% – however Personal Group has found male usage sitting at 55%, with men being 25% more likely than female staff to access EAP services at the weekend between 1am and 5am. Therefore suggesting that increased accessibility is helping drive utilisation.

Over the past 12 months, Personal Group clients’ male employees made 21% more general helpline calls than female employees, and the volume of calls specifically about mental health received from male employees seeking help was 30% higher than the number of calls received from female employees.

The research found that Personal Group’s client EAP calls regarding mental health increased 110% between March 2018 and April 2019 and 43% of all calls made by men were related to poor mental health. Legal concerns made up 15% calls from men, the next highest after mental health.


“Employers must make more effort to reach employees when and where they are most in need of help, often outside of the workplace, when they are alone, whether this be via the traditional phone support or via a mobile app,” said Deborah Frost, chief executive of Personal Group.  “More diverse and geographically spread workforces are harder to reach by traditional, desk-based intranet wellbeing services. We believe it is now more important than ever that the entire workforce knows where they can go for help and that there is 24/7 access to care. Our data proves the positive impact that providing private, ‘always-on’ support can bring to employee wellbeing.

“Employee Assistance Programmes, implementing mental health first aiders, providing access to counselling and a well-rounded benefits package provide genuinely life-changing solutions that support employees and their loved ones when they need it most. Encouragingly, today’s data shows us that employee platforms and apps that make mental health support more easily accessible can compound the success of the traditional EAP and counselling outcomes, having a more positive impact on individuals’ wellbeing and engagement at work.”


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