POSTED: April 03 2024
Legislation Changes Again: An Employer's Guide

Legislation Changes Again: An Employer’s Guide

Lots of changes this year in employee legislation with new rules, new ways of doing things and new rates that must be used. Alison Gill. advo’s Head of HR has compiled a summary of all businesses need to know about the 21024 changes.

In the words of David Bowie, it’s all about ch-ch-ch-changes. Lots of new legislation in HR  that employers need to be aware of.

We have an overview of changes, a table of new legislation, statutory rates of pay, updates on employee holiday, flexible working, paternity leave, carers leave, protection from redundancy and a look ahead to forthcoming legislation. All in ‘bite size’ summaries.

You can read all about upcoming changes in Employment Legislation by downloading advo HR’s summary by clicking here.