POSTED: March 23 2020
Generations in the Workplace

Generations in the Workplace

The demographics in society these days are changing. According to statistics, 15% of the global workforce is made up of people between the ages of 15 and 24. The other 85% consist of people over the age of 24 and under the age of 70. advo hr takes a closer look at how to manage such a diverse workforce.

There are four generations spanning the workplace presently, they are:

  1. The baby boomers (born 1946-1964)
    This generation generally give a higher priority to work than private life. Words to describe them include workaholics, competitive and optimistic. They prefer the human interaction as opposed to technology.
  2. Generation Xers (1965-1980)
    This generation like a work-life balance unlike their predecessors but they are flexible, adaptable and work really well if they are challenged.
  3. Millennials (1981-1995)
    This generation are the most educated. They rely heavily on technology and are flexible, adaptable and ambitious.
  4. Generation Z or post millennials (1996-2010)
    This generation is multicultural and tech savvy. Work habits are yet to be established but they are eager to earn money and change the world.

So how do we as HR professionals or managers, manage this diverse range of generations all in one workplace? They have different values, working habits and expectations from themselves, colleagues and management.

  • Avoid stereotypes
    Even though we have identified general characteristics for each generation above, managers should approach people individually. Some individuals may have different needs to their peers, which will give them a different outlook or priorities.
  • Establish respect 
    Good communication to existing staff when people come on board and to the new joiners will encourage mutual respect across the workplace. Staff with a good understanding of the mutual differences that older and younger generations have and the benefits this can bring will establish a good respect for one another across the board.
  • Find common ground
    All employees can unite in the Company’s success, working together to achieve a goal.
  • Meaningful work
    Consider what makes your employees to get up in the morning to come to work and find a way to implement it.
  • Share the Knowledge
    Take advantage of the pool of knowledge, information and experience which comes from multi generations. Use it to benefit the business. Encourage everyone to help each other.

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