POSTED: June 14 2016
Euro 2016: 10 qualities needed to win it

Euro 2016: 10 qualities needed to win it

International footballers are more likely to be winners at Euro 2016 if they possess the mental capacity to become champions, according to new research. The psychological qualities that contribute towards success – whether it is on the football pitch or in the boardroom – are the subject of research currently being carried out by Zircon Management Consulting.

Led by Zircon’s CEO, Chartered Occupational Psychologist Dr. Amanda Potter, the study seeks to establish what it takes to have a “Winning Attitude” in the areas of Sport, Business and Media & Entertainment.

40 leaders from these areas – including Rugby World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward, Olympic Swimmer Mark Foster and Ann Summers boss Jacqueline Gold- have been interviewed to determine the qualities, values and experiences that contribute towards creating a winning mindset.

The 2016 UEFA European Championship kicks off in France this week with players from England, Wales and Northern Ireland all hoping to be part of the team that tastes victory at the final in Paris on July 10th.

If UK players are to be successful, Dr. Amanda Potter says it is likely they will share 10 core characteristics that Zircon’s research is revealing to be common among successful sportsmen and sportswomen, and entrepreneurs.

One of these key qualities is resilience, or “bouncebackability”, says Dr. Potter.

“Quite often, before our interviewees have become successful, they have had to deal with an extraordinary event in their lives and overcome some sort of mental or physical challenge,” she says.

“They often see themselves as the ‘underdog’ and believe they have to work twice as hard and twice as long in order to compete and succeed.”

Another key quality is generosity. Successful people – be they in Sport, Business or Entertainment – recognise their success is in part due to the support and belief and hard work of the people around them. They attribute their pride, success and results to their family, colleagues and team. They are extremely generous in their praise of others.

“Whenever we asked the interviewees ‘what are you most proud of’, all of the Entrepreneurs and CEOs said the people they work with,” says Dr. Potter.

As well as being generous in their praise of others, many interviewees also benefitted from the generosity of parents, teachers, coaches and mentors.

“For the Olympians and entrepreneurs we have interviewed so far, a huge factor in their success has been the role their parents have played,” says Dr. Potter.

“This comes either from the belief shown in their child’s talents and the support they have given, or, particularly in the case of entrepreneurs, the examples that they have set – i.e. many entrepreneurs are children of entrepreneurs.”

Zircon’s “Winning Attitude” research is scheduled to conclude later this month, with the full findings revealing all 10 key qualities published in a whitepaper before the start of the 2016 Rio Olympics in August.

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