POSTED: February 20 2018
Employers likely to see increased demand for staff health benefits

Employers likely to see increased demand for staff health benefits

As pressure on NHS services continues to be the focus of the media attention employers are likely to see an increase in demand for benefits that allow healthcare to be better supported.


The demands for good quality private medical insurance and health cash plans are expected to continue to be at the forefront of employee benefit discussions says Lucy Pearce, advo’s Head of Employee Benefits who commented “We are seeing employees increasingly looking to their employers to provide far wider support than just a good wage. Good quality medical insurance allows wider choice over treatment options and can help support NHS care. Employees are not immune to recent press coverage and are expected to continue to press for access to private care where necessary.”


Press releases from the Nuffield Trust and MacMillan Cancer Support continue to provide background behind recent headlines and the expected demand from employees to have better access and more control over their healthcare needs.


Commenting on the most recent NHS performance data Nuffield Trust Chief Economist John Appleby said:  “Today’s figures provide hard evidence on just how bad a winter the NHS is having: over 80,000 patients waited on trolleys for more than four hours at A&E in January, of whom over 1,000 were waiting for over 12 hours. These are the highest numbers since records began.

“Meanwhile waits for planned care are at their longest for nine years. Every part of the NHS is creaking at the seams. It is time to face facts and offer sustainable funding increases to the health service.”

Commenting on cancer waiting times, Moira Fraser, Director of Policy at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “Figures once again paint a dismal picture for cancer patients in England, marking two years since the 62-day treatment waiting time targets were last met.


in contrast health insurances continue to be rated highly in employer and employee surveys. A recent survey from risk insurer ellipse highlighted that nearly one third of employers (28%) make a private medical insurance scheme available to staff and 18% a health cash plan.


Lucy Pearce continued “The NHS remains excellent when a life threatening situation occurs but with limited resources it can struggle to provide the wider treatment choices. A good quality health insurance can allow an employee to have more choice over who looks after them, where treatment is undertaken, the scope of treatment and when”


If you would like to investigate options for your staff or believe your existing arrangements need an overhaul you can contact Lucy Pearce at advo on


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