POSTED: June 24 2019
Employers favour adaptable & resilient workers who want to learn!

Employers favour adaptable & resilient workers who want to learn!

According to latest research, there are a number of key skills that employers are favouring in candidates right now.

The research from CV-Library confirms that desirable skills include the ability to adapt (71.5%), resilience (57.5%) and being able to balance your work and personal life (29.2%).

Their study surveyed 300 UK employers on the top skills they believe are most important in a potential hire right now.


Why these skills?

The world of work is constantly changing. Certainly, there are a range of factors influencing this. From technological changes, to a shift in both employee and employer expectations.

Because of this, organisations are more interested in hiring individuals that will ‘ride the wave’; workers who are resilient and can stand strong in times of upheaval.

After all, with workplace stress levels being at their highest and economic upheaval seeing no signs of disappearing, it’s no wonder that companies are prioritising candidates that can excel in these areas.


What other skills are important to employers?

As well as the above, four in 10 (39.7%) felt a willingness to upskill was most important, enabling companies to remain competitive in the coming years.

In addition, nearly a third (31.3%) of respondents felt the ability to change was most important; again suggesting that employers want to hire candidates that are adaptable.

Finally, networking (16.4%) is another key skill right now. Likely because organisations want employees that will be business advocates and help them seek out the best opportunities for the company.


Are employers helping their staff upskill?

As human beings, it’s natural to want to feel as if we are developing in our careers and learning new skills is a huge part of this. Thankfully, according to the study, 89.3% of employers say they take a proactive approach to helping their employees upskill.

So consider what you’re doing to boost your employees’ skills in the workplace? Are you offering internal or external training? Do you have a mentorship programme in place? Or perhaps you should invest in new technologies that they can learn to work with.


Why should an employee focus on upskilling?

Clearly, it’s important for both employers and their employees to focus on upskilling. But what are the main reasons behind this?

According to the study, employers feel it’s important to help employees upskill for the following reasons:

  • Develop employees’ careers in the company (67.4%)
  • Retain top performing members of staff (63.3%)
  • Build an internal talent pipeline (53.5%)
  • Remain competitive against other companies (52.6%)
  • Help overcome nationwide skills shortages (17.7%)