POSTED: December 21 2017
Employees ‘happier to talk about sex than mental health’

Employees ‘happier to talk about sex than mental health’


British workers would rather talk to their colleagues about relationship issues, money problems and sex than broach the topic of mental health, a poll shows with only 13% feeling comfortable discussing their own mental health.

The survey of 2,000 employees for Time to Change suggests mental health remains one of the last taboos in the workplace.

When asked to select from a list the topics they felt they could talk openly about with their colleagues, 30% said they felt comfortable discussing a relationship break-up, 26% money problems, 20% dating advice, 19% religion, 18% sex and 13% mental health.

Although people feel uncomfortable talking about their own mental health, over half said they would support a colleague if they noticed they were struggling with their mental health. However, 39% said they would not know how to.

Sue Baker OBE, director of Time to Change, which is led by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, said Christmas can be challenging and stressful for people struggling with mental health problems or life stresses.

“The pressure to spend money, socialise and ‘have fun’ can leave people feeling more isolated than ever, especially if we feel there’s no-one to turn to,” she stated.



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