POSTED: November 10 2021
COP26 and what this means for Employee Benefits

COP26 and what this means for Employee Benefits

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) continues, now is the perfect time for employers to look at how they can contribute to future proofing our planet.

A growing number of businesses have pledged to reduce their impact on the environment, and many potential recruits now actively search for organisations taking positive steps in protecting the environment when job searching. The UK government has announced an ambitious target of reducing carbon by 78% by 2035. As yet, we do not know how businesses will be affected by this, therefore it’s worth considering how you can reduce your environmental impact now.

Employers can start by looking at their reward packages, and considering where changes could be made. For example, offering flexible working as a benefit. If your staff have lengthy driving commutes, this is likely to have a collective positive effect. Other travel initiatives could include electronic vehicle schemes. According to Willis Towers Watson’s 2021 Car benefits survey report, introducing electric car benefits is now being considered by 43% of UK employers.

There are also a growing number of green employee benefits available. One of advo’s partners, Furthr, plant trees, sponsor environmental and community projects on behalf of clients. Clients also have the opportunity to win prizes along the way! An ideal way to offset carbon emissions, and boost morale and engagement along the way.

Outside of employee benefits, there are other ways of eco-friendly working. Can you go paperless? Platforms like advo-one keep your hr, employee benefits and payslip information on one online platform, thereby reducing the need for paper-based storage.

Of course, green reward packages, travel schemes and going paperless on their own aren’t enough to tackle the crisis we are facing, but ensuring employers are supporting the planet as well as their people, employers begin to do their bit for the environment. Talk to advo today about employee benefits.