POSTED: May 13 2019
Charity begins at work?

Charity begins at work?

advo are actively involved in supporting charities and getting involved in the local community. Carly Gregory, advo hr Business Partner,  looks at the benefits to employers engaging in charity and voluntary work and what to consider before choosing who to support.

Here at advo we like to do our bit for charity and recently we’ve been involved in various events to support our local community, including marathons, bake offs, cleaning up litter in our local area, to name but a few.

Besides just simply doing something good, there are a whole heap of benefits to supporting charities or getting involved in employer supported volunteering (ESV). Successful programmes have the potential to benefit all parties involved.

Here are a number of benefits to the business:

  • Reputation
  • A way of offering training and development opportunities to employees
  • Helps the business to reach a wider audience and increases brand identity and good Public Relations
  • Good for your community
  • Building and maintaining a supportive culture

Here are a number of benefits to the employee:

  • Gain skills, additional development opportunities
  • Feeling of satisfaction/sense of achievement
  • Gaining team building skills
  • Boost in morale
  • Encouraging healthy work place initiatives for staff

When deciding who to support, you may wish to consider the following:

  • Do they align with the Company’s own vision and values?
  • What do you want to gain from the experience?
  • What are your employees’ passionate about?
  • Does the charity have a good reputation?
  • Who will be responsible for organising events, distributing tasks etc.?
  • Choose events which your target market is likely to get involved in.
  • Between you and the charity do you both have matched expectations of the support needed?

If managed right, this can be a really worthwhile and successful experience for all parties involved.