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ADVO Group’s Nadiya Hasan writes on increasing need for Cash Plans

With financial pressure building on all aspects of the economy, national services such as the NHS are struggling to cope with the demands of an ever increasing and ageing population not to mention funding. This is particularly evident when considering the plight of new residents who are trying to register to a local NHS GP or Dentist. Such are the times, the need to be mobile and follow employment opportunities is becoming a more important and accepted aspect of everyday life. Therefore hand in hand with this rise in mobility comes more people facing the difficulty of signing up to a local NHS GP or Dentist. If you are lucky enough to become a member there is the added contention of dreaded waiting lists and even making an appointment.
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“Why are we waiting?” ADVO Group’s Colin Boxall guest writes on his recent visit to one of China’s hospitals

We are told our NHS is the envy of the world. If this is true why don’t other countries copy us? This was the question troubling me recently while sitting in a public hospital in Northern China.

I found my way there after stupidly having breakfast from a man in a cart outside the train station.

Friends urged me to attend the local hospital. It was 11pm and as not seriously ill the thought of spending the night in A&E was less attractive as dealing with illness the English way of putting up with it and sleeping.
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Justine Clarabut from Water Fruit Box guest blogs for ADVO Group and asks ‘So what are the benefits of having fresh fruit available in the office?’

Just one in five Britons eats the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, a poll for World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) suggests!  The Department of Health first launched its five-a-day campaign in 2003 but the WCRF says its survey of more than 2,000 UK adults shows people still find achieving that goal difficult.  It is urging people to eat “just one more portion” for a healthier diet.
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