POSTED: February 04 2019
Cancer report: Why does it affect so many of us?

Cancer report: Why does it affect so many of us?

Canada Life shares its latest cancer research giving an in-depth look at a disease that impacts a staggering one in two of us.

Cancer has touched most of our lives in some way. In fact, someone is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes in the UK.1

Canada Life pays more claims for cancer than any other condition. But why is this condition so common? Over the last 45 years, Canada Life has supported thousands of people suffering with cancer. They believe that their experience has given the insight and determination to write this report.

The report takes a detailed look at:

  • Cancer in the workplace. Can workplace culture have a negative impact when we’re dealing with a serious illness?


  • Treatment, prevention and surviving cancer. We look at survival rates across different types of cancer and whether they’re improving. We also look at what we can do to prevent cancer and how we can increase our chances of survival.


  • ‘A world without cancer’. Finally, the report considers a world without cancer. The scale of this illness is staggering, but the tide is turning. The report asks how, and if, this could ever happen.


How can I read the report?

Canada Life has created two versions of their report:

Quick report – Easy to understand and fully interactive. View Quick Report here

Full report – Comprehensive and packed with information. Download the full report for a though-provoking read. Download Full Report



1Cancer Research UK, 2015