POSTED: December 05 2018
Back pain – top tips

Back pain – top tips

Many of us have suffered back pain. In fact, almost 1 in 3 UK adults will experience problems at some point in their lives. So it’s no wonder back pain is the largest cause of disability in the UK.

The wait for spinal surgery is growing year-on-year, but is surgery always the best option? Are there other methods that can help?

Leading group risk insurer, Canada Life, has teamed up with their Second Medical Opinion service and leading expert on back pain, Dr Colin Natali, to create a range of useful videos on the topic.

You can watch the videos to understand:

  • Why you experience back pain
  • The best methods to relieve it
  • What to do if your back pain doesn’t get any better

Are you a Manager, in HR of suffering back pain yourself? You can watch and share these videos with your team to help them tackle back pain.

You can watch the Videos here.

You can find out more about Canada Life here.