POSTED: October 18 2021
Asos offers staff flexible work and paid leave during menopause

Asos make major changes to ‘health related life event’ policies

Menopause is becoming a more frequent topic of conversation in the workplace, as part of wellbeing strategies 

Asos are ‘leading the charge’ and have introduced the right to work flexibly, as well as take time off at short notice, while going through the menopause. It is one of several policies being introduced aimed at supporting the retailers employees who are going through ‘health related’ life events.

Other measures that Asos have announced include paid leave for staff who have experienced a pregnancy loss, including miscarriages and abortions, or who are undergoing fertility treatment. The policies also apply to partners of those who were pregnant.

Chief Exec Nick Beighton added that staff will be supported ‘personally and financially’.

“All of us face unexpected challenges in life. Sometimes these can create very difficult circumstances which mean we need to step away from or change how we work. We’ve launched these policies to reassure all Asosers that they will be supported, personally and financially, throughout difficult times. We’re here, no matter what it is and every step of the way.”, he said.

Wider health issues requiring paid leave, such as cancer treatment and gender reassignment surgery are also included in the policy. The company will provide up to six weeks leave for its 3,800 plus staff, which also applies to those fleeing domestic abuse relationships.

Good practice

There are a number of steps that employers can take to support employees

  • Develop a menopause policy. Engage with the workforce to create this and ensure it is well communicated
  • Remove the taboo by making the menopause a normal part of conversation.
  • Enable small adjustments where possible, like more flexible working hours, additional breaks, uniform changes
Do not make assumptions

Although the average age for the menopause is 51, some women can have symptoms in their 20s or 30s. There may also be transgender employees affected by the menopause. It needs to be remembered that menopause can affect everyone.

Seek expert support

There are experts available who can assist employees in all areas relating to the menopause. Employers can provide access to them via their health and wellbeing benefits, from self-help options to guidance and information on treatments. GP access and easy referrals help to ensure employees get help quickly and easily.

Talk to advo today about wellbeing strategies for your organisation, implementing new policies, or health and wellbeing benefits for employees.

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