POSTED: January 22 2024
advo's 'Time Capsule' gets Grade II Listing
advo's Finnish Sauna gets Grade II Listing

advo’s ‘Time Capsule’ Sauna gets Grade II Listing

There has been a bit of a press frenzy about a wooden shack on advo’s Cobdown House Estate. The shack, a piece of Olympic history, a sauna donated by the Finnish Government to the UK after the 1948 Olympics.

The sauna’s unique status as the oldest  in the UK has been grated Grade II listing, an event that prompted TV, radio & press to visit. There has been considerable interest due to the original features and excellent preservation creating a ‘time capsule’ back to the late 1940s. The Grade II listing follows a visit from the Finnish Ambassador last year.

Colin Boxall, advo’s Executive Director commented “As the owners of the Sauna, we are delighted that this rare piece of history has been officially recognised. The building from the outside may not look impressive, but it’s importance in sporting and local history certainly is. Inside the preservation is stunning, a real glimpse into the past.

When we bought Cobdown House and the surrounding area as advo’s new head office, our intention was to bring back to life an important local landmark, a country house that had fallen into neglect. At this time, we did not appreciate the Sauna’s importance and its interesting journey.

As owners there comes responsibility. We wish to ensure the long-term future of this important site and are working with local organisations and residents to find the best way forward.”

1954 & 2024

Views inside

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