POSTED: February 06 2018
advo’s marathon runners

advo’s marathon runners


advo’s Jamie Tuffield and Amy Jones are both running marathons in aid of ellenor, our chosen charity. Both are novice marathon runners and both were moved to help ellenor raise money. We look at what has been their motivation and how they are both approaching this challenge.


Amy works in advo’s operations department and will be running the London marathon on 22 April 2018.  Jamie is an advo senior account manager and will be running the Brighton marathon on 15 April 2018.


We asked them about their motivation and preparation.


Have you ever done anything like this before?

 Amy: I have only ever run a 10 km race, but that was in 2014 and before the birth of my second child, so training for the marathon is a real challenge!

Jamie: I’ve done a half marathon before, but really struggled in the heat. I’ve never run anywhere near a full marathon distance.


What made you decide to put yourself forward for the event?

 Amy: I had always thought that running the marathon would be an amazing challenge and it is difficult to get a place, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. Being asked to run on behalf of ellenor is an honour, I have seen first hand the fantastic care they provide and I am very proud to be supporting such a deserving local cause.

Jamie: A marathon is something I’ve always wanted to do. I always struggled with running when younger so wanted to challenge myself to run a full marathon. I’ve never had a good cause to run for as well, so the opportunity to run for Ellenor really brought the two together!


What is your training regime?

Amy: I am following the Virgin 16 week plan which is aimed at beginners, although I began earlier than 16 weeks in advance, so I have adapted it slightly.  At the moment I am doing 1 short run, 1 tempo run and 1 long run per week, currently around 10 miles.  I also add at least one core strength session in per week.

Jamie: I’m doing 1 short interval tuning day, one medium distance and one long run a week, with a few short runs in between as and when I can.


What motivates you to get out in the cold and train after a long day at work?

Amy: I actually really enjoy running out in the cold, even in the rain as it really helps to clear your mind and I feel quite uplifted afterwards.  It’s running on the treadmill in the gym that I really struggle with and so I try to focus on improving on my personal best and that spurs me on.

Jamie: Getting a great pace and making sure I can run the whole way.


What has been the most surprising thing to you about marathon training?

Amy: That the training is not as intensive as I expected, I thought you would need to run 6 out of 7 days but they recommend a day rest in between runs on the 16 week plan  – for which I am very grateful!

Jamie: That I actually really enjoy the longer 10+ mile runs as a stress reliever listening to music and enjoying running through lovely countryside.


Is there any particular music which motivates you whilst training?

Amy: My playlist is upbeat and about 90% female artists – I think I am trying to channel girl power to get me through the race.  Little Mix have helped me through many a difficult mile!

Jamie: 80’s rock ballads, mainly Survivor. I now know all the words to the Eye of the Tiger and I Want to Know What Love is, by Foreigner from start to finish.


What is your biggest fear on the day?

Amy: Falling and creating a domino effect, a runners pile up!  I also worry about injuring myself in training and not getting to the start line, letting people down.

Jamie: Doing a ‘Paula Radcliffe’ or getting rubbery legged on the final straight as the family watches on.


What time are you hoping to complete the marathon in?

Amy: I will be relieved just to finish on 2 legs to be honest but ideally I would like to finish sub 4.5 hours, although I would still be happy with sub 5 hours,

Jamie: I’m hoping sub 4 hours, but anytime lower than 4 hours 30 I will be happy.


What’s the first thing you plan on doing after the marathon?

Amy: Have a glass of something bubbly to celebrate! And probably some cake.

Jamie: Having a lie in on a Sunday rather than going out for a long run!


Do you have any tips for any fellow marathon runners who are currently training?

Amy: Don’t underestimate how important your core strength work is, especially when you start the longer runs.

Jamie: Just stick with it and be motivated by seeing your running time get better each week.


Please help support our runners.

Amy’s JustGiving page is

Jamie’s JustGiving fundraising page is

You can find out more about ellenor here.