POSTED: December 08 2023
advo 'ONE' Award Winners
Who are staff voted as our 'Best of the Best'

advo ‘ONE’ Award Winners

advo’s 2023 ‘ONE’ Awards took place at our end of year black-tie gala dinner where those who colleagues believe are our ‘best of the best’ were recognised.

The advo ‘Oscars’ are a long-standing tradition allowing all our Advonians the chance to recognise those of us who have gone above and beyond throughout the year, supporting colleagues and helping to take advo forward. There were nine categories voted on by staff, the final ‘ONE’ award was chosen by the Directors after nominations were put forward by the Management team. The winner of the Advonian of the Year & The ‘ONE’ Award receive a cash payment.

The categories and winners are listed below. For a full listing of comments on winners, nominees and wider staff you can view our summary on the link here.


This advo team demonstrates a collaborative spirit, they are supportive of each other and focused on achieving team objectives. In fact, they inspire other teams to emulate them.

WINNER:          Hub (Client Services)

The backbone of our customer service to all clients spanning across all sections of the business. The Hub administrators have many strings to their bow and are always super efficient in responding and getting stuck into new projects.


NOMINEES: Karly Cossingham, Joseph Foord, Caroline Jackson, Toby Holness-Mcveagh, Sarah Simmons & Adam Wheat.

WINNER: Joseph Foord (Private Clients)

Joseph possess all the advo qualities. He is confident, positive, friendly and inspirational to be around. For someone so young he is beyond his years in all the best ways possible. He is humble, works hard and has an appetite to learn. I think he is a future winner for industry wide awards.


WINNER: Colin Middleton (IT Dept.)

This award is for those working behind the scenes, who may receive little recognition. The work they do can be hidden, but if it doesn’t get done, we would all notice.

Definitely goes above & beyond, is always available & willing to help & will keep trying. We definitely couldn’t manage without him.


Who is the most dedicated person at advo that you know? The one person you can rely on to get the job done and who also helps others – who do you count on day to day?

JOINT WINNER: Clinton Bennett (Employee Benefits Team) & Alison Gill (Head of HR)

“He’s been here since the dawn of time, advo wouldn’t be the same without him and he goes above and beyond for his clients!”


This award is for two individuals working in different areas of the business who are working together as one to achieve excellence and realise objectives and goals.

WINNER: Ellie Sultana & Simon Friday 

Following the new private clients team being put together, Simon and Ellie have worked together a lot to discuss ways to get new business, ensure the private clients team retains new clients from current clients etc. They are smashing it.


Who is it at advo that lets nothing stand in their way and regularly overcomes obstacles, loves to solve problems and gets the job done even when others think it’s impossible.

WINNER: Colin Middleton (IT Dept).

Overcomes more obstacles than any Advonian I know. If a problems seems impossible, Colin will continue to work on that problem until he can prove that the impossible is possible.


Who is positive and optimistic, willing to see the brighter side of life and sees the best in others. Who is the person you are always happy to see because they lift your spirits.

JOINT WINNERS: Sophie Dyer & Chris Lock

Sophie is literally a walking ray of sunshine. I don’t think anyone has ever seen her sad, stressed or angry! She just seems to get to work and just be the boss of her own day and I really admire that. She’s always got a smile on her face and when you talk to her she’s just really positive and it puts you in a really good mood 🙂

I don’t think we’ve ever had someone as positive as Chris at advo. He is always full of beans, willing to get stuck into everything and a joy to be around. He shares the same level of enthusiasm as he does internally, externally with our clients which has seen huge positives in relationship building


This award is for the Advonian who has shown acts of kindness, or given  words of encouragement when others were having a hard day. Someone who has offered to help when others were ploughed under with work.

WINNER: Jenny Durling (Account Support Manager)

No matter the situation she will always offer kindness & support – even if she is struggling herself. Lifts me up when I’m down and nothing is ever too much trouble. It’s not one thing in particular it’s all things with Jenny. She appears just when you need her.


ADVO’S FIRST SPECIAL AWARD: Awarded to Sue Smith for recognition of her many years’ service supporting advo and clients.


This award goes to the person with the most nominations who has demonstrated several of the advonian qualities this year. We define an advonian as someone who is motivated, a team player, dedicated, reliable and focused. They are also passionate, fun, creative, innovative and tenacious.

Nominees: Vicki Baker, Chris Lock, Colin Middleton & Josie Milne

WINNER: Chris Lock 

Always making sure he connects with everyone, takes the time, offers support, gets involved and is patient, understanding and super professional. A true advonian!

#11 THE 2023 ‘ONE’ AWARD

Nominations from the Management Team and voted on by advo’s Directors. The Manager puts forward a written submission outlining where the advonian has performed above and beyond what would be expected. The Director Team then decides on the final recipient. Please note: Some Managers voted for Advonians who are outside of their teams.

NOMINEES: Vicki Baker, Cricket Brookfield, Sophie Dyer, Luc Genest, Siouan Oliver & Jenni Welch

WINNER: Vicki Baker

Vicki has moved us forward leaps and bounds in terms of our multi-service administration delivery. Our Work as One vision is starting to come together and it’s been largely due to Vicki’s tenacity, willingness to adapt to ever changing circumstances and her impressive attention to detail. She has spent time bringing the teams together and imparting her ever growing knowledge of our service proposition to the colleagues that she supports. Vicki is a real ‘outside the box’ thinker and is always coming up with new ideas, volunteering to join focus groups and requesting numerous changes to the system all with the overall goal of improving the way that we all work.

You can view the full list of Advonian comments in our Winner’s Magazine Supplement.

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