POSTED: July 15 2020
advo flu vaccination solutions: Have you booked?

advo flu vaccination solutions: Have you booked?

advo continues its partnership with Doctorcall to deliver workplace flu vaccination programmes. It is important that organisations continue to protect employees and their business through the annual flu season despite the current COVID 19 restrictions.

Doctorcall, the Harley Street medical specialist, is the largest provider of on-site flu vaccinations in the UK and has vaccinated more people against influenza than any provider outside the NHS. advo has decided to continue the relationship as a result of the ongoing positive feedback from clients.

Despite the current lockdown restrictions Doctorcall will continue to deliver vaccines through onsite nurse clinics and if this is not practical, flu vouchers, that can be redeemed at over 3000 pharmacies nationwide.

Seasonal influenza vaccination is quick, simple and effective and are proven to reduce absence, so they more than pay for themselves in an average year and are a popular staff benefit that also provides duty of care.

For the 2020/21 flu season, advo, through Doctorcall, will again be offering the quadrivalent flu vaccine. This superior vaccine means that each patient will be protected against more strains of flu than ever before. It has now become official policy to use quadrivalent flu vaccine in the UK.


New COVID 19 Questions

In light of Covid-19, we are finding that these are the most asked questions for on onsite clinics or delivery of vouchers.

Q. How many injections does Doctorcall believe a nurse will be able to administer if the current level of social distancing is extended into the 2020 flu season?

Doctorcall are continually monitoring the government recommendations. As they are changing regularly, they will need to assess the situation closer to the time, but for now they see no reason why a nurse wouldn’t be able to administer the same number of vaccinations as normal. All nurses are instructed to wear a standard uniform and we will monitor the guidelines regarding PPE at the time and will make sure the nurses adhere to the recommendations.

Q. Could the flu vouchers be made available via email, as a PDF or similar? This would enable clients whose workforce are working remotely to receive their vouchers directly.

Due to the large number of retailers we partner with, we are unable to offer electronic vouchers. This is because each one has their own EPOS systems. Vouchers can be sent to a central location and we recommend clients post them to individuals to avoid unnecessary travel.


Onsite Flu clinics

For vaccine for orders of 99 and under the cost will be £8.95 each. Orders over 100 attract a discounted rate of £8.50 per vaccine.

There is a separate charge for the nurse which varies depending on the number of vaccines with a minimum charge of £300 for their time. This includes all clinical and travel costs. An indication of nurse costs are outlined below.

Please note that Vaccines attract VAT but no VAT applies to nurse costs.

The onsite clinic process will be:

Contact your advo account manager to confirm the number of vaccines and locations. Dates will then be confirmed with Doctorcall.

The number of Vaccines ordered and equipment needed by the nurse is couriered the day before in a coolbox.

The next day the nurse arrives, sets up the clinic and does the jabs. The coolbox is then repacked

The coolbox is picked up by courier the next working day

If you have staff who are unable to attend on the day of the clinic they can be given a Flu Voucher which they can redeem at a time that suits at a local pharmacy.


Flu vouchers

An easier option is to give your staff a Flu Voucher.

Staff just present the voucher at their local pharmacy to receive their flu vaccination, no payment by staff is necessary.

Vouchers can be purchased in bulk for employees and are a simpler and more cost effective method of supplying your employees with a flu vaccination. In particular, field based staff or home based workers and transport companies may find a voucher an easier solution in obtaining a flu vaccination.

Flu vaccination vouchers can be redeemed at over 3,000 retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

Click here to visit the pharmacy location site. You can check your local pharmacy by simply adding your postcode.

The cost of a Flu Voucher is £8.95 each. No VAT applies to vouchers.


Advantages of flu vouchers

They are ideal for homeworking staff.

There is nothing more to pay. Staff just present their voucher at the pharmacy to receive their flu vaccination.

Vouchers are the simplest and most cost-efficient way of offering vaccination to staff who are unable to attend on-site vaccination days.

Redeemable at high street pharmacies.

Vouchers dispatched by 1st class post or Next day special delivery.

Vaccine is given by a fully qualified nurse or pharmacist, just like at an onsite work flu clinic.

Redeeming your flu voucher

You can redeem your flu vaccination voucher at most of the following retailers:

Tesco pharmacies, ASDA pharmacies, Superdrug, Well (Formerly Co-op pharmacy), Lloyds pharmacies (including those located in Sainsbury’s supermarkets), Morrisons Pharmacies, Rowlands pharmacies, Cohens pharmacies, Manichem pharmacies, McParland pharmacies, Norchem pharmacies, Knights pharmacies, Kamsons pharmacies, Imperial pharmacy, Dears Pharmacies.

Some retailers may require you to make an appointment in advance. Subject to availability. The voucher must be presented and given to the retailer on the day of vaccination. Vouchers must be redeemed by March 31st 2021 but this may vary depending on the retailer.


Who should not consider having the flu vaccination?

There are various circumstances under which the health care professional administering your vaccination may advise you not to have it or to delay it and you will be advised at the time.

  • Contra-Indications and Exclusions of Flu vaccines.
  • You should not have the vaccination if:
  • You are under 16 years old
  • You are in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • You have a temperature or an infection
  • You are allergic to eggs or chicken
  • You have had a reaction to a previous flu vaccination.
  • You are known to be allergic to one of the following:Formaldehyde, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, polysorbate 80, kanamycin, neomycin, polymixin, gentamicin, sodium deoxycholate, betapropiolactone, nonoxynol 9, thiomersal, oxtoxinol 9. If you have not heard of these, you can assume you are not allergic to them. Other allergies do not apply.


General Information & Advice

After vaccination it takes two weeks to be protected against flu. You cannot catch flu from a vaccination.

Flu vaccination provides over 85% protection against seasonal influenza.

Occasionally people experience side-effects after a flu vaccination. Most are not serious and will disappear on their own in a day or two.

Common side-effects can include tiredness, aching or a mild temperature for around 24 hours. In addition local reactions can occur including redness and swelling.

Rare side-effects reported include neuritis, thrombocytopaenia, vasculitis, seizures and allergic reactions which may be serious.

Immunological blood tests for HIV and hepatitis should not be taken for two weeks following vaccination because the results may be unreliable.

For medical advice following your vaccination, call 0844 257 0644.


Speak to your advo Account Manager to find out more about how Flu vaccinations protect your business or for more information email advo on