POSTED: September 14 2016
A busy worklife lays bare to unhealthy habits

A busy worklife lays bare to unhealthy habits

Research carried out by Bupa UK health clinics reveals the national divide between the unhealthy habits and the quick fitness hacks that people adopt due to working long hours and busy social schedules. The study shows 60% of workers aren’t taking a full lunch break and 34% don’t get enough sleep. On the other hand, a large group take a more measured and thought-through approach with 47% setting themselves a target or goal to keep healthy and 26% say technology is key to this.

The research has identified five types of people, each of whom has a helpful life hack or key unhealthy habit. As everyday bad habits can build up to have a significant impact on our health and fitness, Bupa’s health experts are encouraging people to take a few minutes out during the day to take a look at their health and general wellbeing. The experts have also identified how each of these five groups can be improve:

55% of people across Britain that were surveyed are a ‘caffeine machine’, workers that constantly reach for a coffee or a caffeine fix to get through work. Amongst the group, over 40% of people aged 45-54 object to starting the day without a coffee. Bupa health experts advise that too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, dehydration, headaches, an increased heart rate and stomach pains. Sleep can even be disrupted due to caffeine after 3pm.

The second key group is the ‘on the go junkie’ with 60% of respondents not taking a proper lunch break. Employees find they rush through their lunch, eat on the go or miss it altogether. Amongst this group, over 25% admit to eating at their desk due to being too busy. Breaks throughout the day can help people reset and tiny adjustments like changing your working position can help posture and muscle strain.

On the other hand, the research identified three groups that work around their schedule and manage to keep fit and healthy. Topping the list is the ‘target smasher’ with 47% of professionals setting themselves a target or goal to help them achieve it. The target smasher is supported by the fact that people are more likely to reach their goal if they share it with a colleague or friend. As a result, within the target smasher group, nearly a quarter of 16-24 year olds reported they exercise more than they used to because of technology or an app.

Research revealed the small adjustments people make to stay on track to leading a balanced lifestyle. The ‘small stepper’ is the champion of taking the stairs instead of the lift with half of workers opting for this, 38% cut down on alcohol to help lead a balanced lifestyle and 24% occasionally opt for cycling or walking to work instead of driving or taking public transport. Our experts recommend keeping on top of your health before you let problems become a big issue.

Finally, ‘Healthy Hero’ is the all-rounder group that seeks out the latest quick tips and technology to stay on top of their fitness, 29% get out for a walk at lunch, 23.5% get regular check-ups with the doctor and / or dentist and 12% find starting the working day with a healthy breakfast encourages them to be healthily throughout the day. We should be looking up to this group as this is a great approach to feeling healthy and reaching the recommended two and a half hours exercise a week.

Philip Luce, Director of Bupa Health and Dental Clinics said: “We all set out with the best intentions when it comes to our health but hectic schedules mean bad habits creep in. We’re encouraging people to take a few minutes out of their day to take a look at their health and wellbeing, it’s a simple first step to changing our habits and introducing a small change to the working day.”

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