POSTED: October 07 2021
64% of furloughed employees had more than financial support

64% of furloughed employees had more than financial support

New research has revealed that 64% of employees received additional support other than financial while on furlough.

Canada Life surveyed 500 furloughed UK adults and found among those who received consistent support on furlough, 58% said this was through regular communication, 34% cited virtual check ins and 33% highlighted improved employee benefits. 26% were offered new benefits and 25% received new training.

More than a third (36%) admitted they had not received any assistance other than financial, with 27% stating their employer never intended to provide support ad the remaining 9% stating their boss planned to, but never delivered.

The events of the past 18 months have put a strain on people’s mental, physical and financial health, and these stresses may be heightened now that the furlough scheme has ended. The ‘hangover’ from furlough will be felt for both employers and employees for some time to come.

Ensuring staff are aware of the services on offer and seeking help through them as the first port of call, not a last resort, will become ever more important. Platforms like advo-one can help to raise employee awareness of the support and benefits on offer, and signpost employees to where the support can be accessed.  Talk to us today about supporting your employees or advo-one.

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