POSTED: April 27 2022
25% of employees don’t understand benefits

25% of employees don’t understand benefits

New research from GRiD has revealed nearly half of UK employees are not aware or do not understand the employee benefits on offer to them.

The survey of 500 HR decision makers found that 42% of workers don’t know, or do not understand the employee benefits on offer to them. Of this group, 25% are aware of benefits but have no understanding of them at all. 11% have some awareness, and 6% are unaware, and do not understand what is available. It’s clear that many employees are only scratching the surface and are yet to unlock the full potential of employee benefits. However, this awareness may not be down to employee disengagement, but lack of communication from their employers.

43% of employers stated that they have adapted the way in which they communicate benefits to staff as a result of the pandemic. The primary channels for benefits communication were via email (37%), welcome packs (34%) and employee handbooks (29%). 8% of employers stated they do not communicate employee benefits to staff in any capacity.

The pandemic provided opportunity for employers to tell their staff about all the employee benefits on offer. From healthcare and risk, to embedded services, like access to counselling and virtual GPs. This was the support many needed, but due to the increased pressure on the NHS, struggled to get. Therefore they could be accessed via their employee benefits instead.

Different communication methods will resonate with different employees. Employee benefit portals, like advo-one can help to boost engagement with employee benefits, not just awareness. Employees need to not only be aware of what is on offer, but how to fully utilise the benefits available to them. advo-one can also be used to store payslips, and therefore almost guarantees at least one monthly visit to the portal. With the employee benefits being stored in the same system and easily accessible, it provides potential to boost overall engagement. Talk to us today about employee benefits, or advo-one.