World’s most sought after employers are revealed through LinkedIn data


If there is one thing that LinkedIn has an abundance of, it’s data. In fact, according to the company’s blog ‘data is their DNA’. This incredibly useful data has recently been used to compile an extremely comprehensive list of the world’s most attractive employers. The highly sought after number one spot was given to Google, followed by Apple in second and Microsoft in third place. 

The findings were based on the online actions of over 175 million LinkedIn members. This many employees can potentially provide an astronomical range of data relevant to understanding a company’s position and perception within the market. For example, it is believed that last year alone there were more than 15 billion online interactions between  LinkedIn members and companies. The LinkedIn study compared there data with a range of surveys to identify key activities that are undertaken on the networking site which will show certain companies to be more attractive than others as potential employers. These actions were found to be connecting with employees,  viewing employee profiles, visiting company and career pages, and people following companies.

Amongst the range of findings from the data, a few key trends stood out. Firstly, the jobs in technology are currently incredibly sought after. The software industry was more repented on the list that any other industry. In the global rankings twenty-one technology and software companies were represented which was followed by twenty retail and consumer product companies, sixteen professional services companies, ten oil and energy companies and eight healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the top three overall global positions were all taken by tech companies. The second key trend was that a brand being a household name will certainly be advantageous to being sought after but it is certainly not the deciding factor for employees. The third key finding is that the size of the existing workforce of a company doesn’t necessarily bear a correlation to how sought after a company is for future employees. To illustrate this point, it was found that half of the top 100 listed companies have a workforce of less than 7,000 employees.

Other findings from the research were that the UK had more companies in the overall global list than any other European country with eight in total. This was followed by France which had five companies in the list, German with four and Switzerland with three. There were also differentiated categories for which employers were top which regard to specific careers. For marketing professionals, ti was found that Google was top, followed Unilever and then Microsoft. For those working in accounting and finance, Deloitte was top, followed by PxC and Ernst & Young. For software engineers, Google was first again, followed by Microsoft and then Facebook. And finally, for students and recent university graduates, Google yet again took the prized number one spot, with Apple and Microsoft taking second and third place.

Leaderboards for the overall most demanded companies were found both globally as well as segmented data sets for certain geographic locations. The main global and localised results are below.

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members globally: 1. Google 2. Apple 3. Microsoft 4. Facebook 5. Unilever 6. GE 7. PepsiCo 8. P&G 9. McKinsey&Company 10. The Coca-Cola Company 11. The Walt Disney Company 12. Nike 13. 14. Twitter 15. Shell 16. Nestle 17. The Boston Consulting Group 18. Ogilvy 19. Expedia 20. Accenture

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in the UK: 1. Google 2. BBC 3. Unilever 4. Shell 5. BP 6. Microsoft 7. Apple 8. John Lewis 9. Burberry 10. HP 11. GlaxoSmithKline 12. Marks And Spencer 13. Goldman Sachs 14. Barclays 15. Accenture 16. Tesco PLC 17. BAE Systems 18. ITV 19. 20. Diageo

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in the USA: 1. Google 2. The Walt Disney Company 3. Facebook 4. Apple 5. 6. PepsiCo 7. McKinsey & Company 8. Nike 9. Accenture 10. The Coca-Cola Company 11. The Boston Consulting Group 12. Microsoft 13. Amazon 14. Twitter 15. Razorfish 16. Ogilvy & Mather 17. Johnson & Johnson 18. Proctor & Gamble 19. Starbucks 20. Bain & Company

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in Canada: 1. Suncor Energy 2. Google 3. Research In Motion 4. Microsoft 5. Apple 6. SNC-Lavalin 7. RBC 8. Accenture 9. Air Canada 10. HP 11. Shell 12. IBM 13. Lululemon Athletica 14. Bell 15. Electronic Arts 16. Hatch 17. Deloitte 18. WorleyParsons 19. Ubosoft 20. Pfizer

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in Brazil 1. Vale 2. Natura 3. Unilever 4. Petrobras 5. Odebrecht 6. HP 7. AmBev 8. Microsoft 9. General Motors 10. Gerdau 11. IBM 12. Johnson & Johnson 13. Dell 14. Accenture 15. PepsiCo 16. TAM 17. GE 18. Nestle 19. Bradesco 20. Camargo Correa

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in India 1. Accenture 2. HP 3. Oracle 4. IBM 5. Microsoft 6. Dell 7. Bharti Airtel Limited 8. Infosys 9. Tata Consultancy Services 10. Google 11. Wipro Technologies 12. Cisco 13. HCL Technologies 14. Mahindra Satyam 15. Cognizant Technology Solutions 16. GE 17. Deloitte 18. Adobe 19. Amazon 20. Vodafone

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in Australia: 1. Rio Tinto 2. Google 3. Leighton Contractors 4. John Holland 5. Microsoft 6. Accenture 7. Worley Parsons 8. Qantas 9. Thiess 10. National Australia Bank 11. HP 12. Lend Lease 13. Australian Broadcasting Corporation 14. Santos 15. Commonwealth Bank 16. NBN Co 17. Origin Energy 18. Deloitte 19. Chevron 20. Telstra

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in Netherlands: 1. Rabobank 2. ABN Amro 3. Philips 4. Shell 5. KLM 6. Accenture 7. Unilever 8. Ahold 9. Deloitte 10. KPN 11. PwC 12. IBM 13. ASR 14. Nationale-Nederlanden 15. ASML 16. Ernst & Young 17. DSM 18. Achmea 19. FrieslandCampina 20. HP

Top Twenty most sought after employers amongst LinkedIn members in France: 1. L’Oreal 2. Microsoft 3. Google 4. HP 5. Accenture 6. Sanofi 7. LVMH 8. Danone 9. IBM 10. Total 11. Orange 12. Deloitte 13. EADS 14. Ubisoft 15. Oracle 16. Canal+ 17. Chanel 18. Alcatel-Lucent 19. BNP Paribas 20. Scheider Electric