What is CLARITY?


Kevin Crew, Managing Director of ADVO SIS talks about what makes ADVO Group’s award-winning CLARITY service such a unique and valuable tool to compliment a private medical insurance policy.

Kevin Crew explains “CLARITY is an online system by ADVO Group that allows ADVO Group’s clients to log-on and see information held about their policies and their schemes. it also allows group secretaries to administer some information. For instance, if you get a new person join, they can request that person be added to their private medical insurance policy. The system has also won a number of awards, the COVER Awards in 2007 and a number of other industry awards.

We give it away free of charge for all of our clients. There is also the ability for not only the group secretary to log on but also the employees so they can log-on and see what they’re covered for. For instance, if they’re stuck in a medical situation whereby they need to use their private medical insurance, they can go onto the application, get a phone number, contact a local hospital and get themselves booked in. Obviously, you have to go through the claims procedure for each insurer, but it gives you all the information at the touch of your fingertips.

It gives you all the information at the touch of your fingertips


Also, moving on from that, we’ve developed a mobile version that works on the iPhone, the Blackberry, most of the smartphones at the moment so you can logon and get that information wherever you are and whenever you need to.”