UK managers not equipped to support staff transitioning in the workplace


New research conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) shows less than a third of managers are ready to support staff transitioning at work.

A survey of over 1,000 managers across the UK reveals that less than a third of managers (30%) say their employer has a Transitioning at Work policy. This falls to under a fifth of managers in the private sector (17%) and in SMEs (15%).

There are many actions employers can take to support trans staff. Putting in place a comprehensive policy is often the first step. It shows the organisation’s commitment to a trans-inclusive workplace, equips managers with the information they need to manage staff who are transitioning and supports trans employees.

CMI research shows that managers value and are making use of policies to support staff who are transitioning, although this varies by size and sector:

  • 4% of all managers surveyed have used a Transitioning at Work policy to support them in their role as a manager. This includes supporting staff who are transitioning, tackling inappropriate behaviour and building a trans-inclusive workplace;
  • 6% of managers in the public sector, including in the Armed Forces, have used a Transitioning at Work policy; and
  • 2% of managers in both the private sector and in SMEs have used a Transitioning at Work policy.

Rob Wall, Head of Policy at CMI commented: “Although we have seen real progress in recent years in how employers support LGBT people in the workplace, our research shows that there is still a lot more to do when it comes to trans awareness and inclusion.”

“Line managers play a critical role in building an inclusive workplace, but need to be informed and empowered to deal sensitively and appropriately with staff who are transitioning.”

“As a first step there should be clear policies and practices in place which support trans employees, equip line managers and create a positive and inclusive culture. Without this, and without senior leaders who genuinely champion LGBT rights in the workplace, real equality will remain an aspiration.”

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You can read the CMI’s press release in full here.